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About New DioneLife

New DioneLife was established in 2023 with the vision of providing the best healthcare service in İzmir, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey.

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As a newly licensed healthcare tourism agency, our mission is to provide our patients with the best treatment in the most qualified hospitals and with the most skilled doctors. We work with the most competent doctors in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, obesity and metabolic surgery, dental treatments, and hair transplantation, and we offer the best treatments with the latest technological facilities.

Thanks to the opportunities brought by globalization in the world, the ease of access to information and research for patients coming to Turkey from abroad, and our country being a suitable destination for medical treatments, New DioneLife is recognized internationally.When you arrive in Turkey, as the New DioneLife team:

  • We provide your transfer from the airport to your comfortable, safe and centrally located hotel with the most comfortable vehicles.
  • During your treatment, we provide your transfer between the hotel and hospital with our comfortable vehicles.
  • You can find the New DioneLife team with you 24/7 whenever you need us during your treatment, operation, and post-operation processes.

Why Izmir?

In the Asklepion in the town of Bergama, it is written for İzmir as "The City Where Death Never Comes".

As medicine, which is a science of life, takes its source from where life begins, it is natural for it to be written like this. Later, this phrase started to be used as a kind of praise for the beautiful healthcare services that were offered.

İzmir has been the center of health from past to present. So much so that the staff with a snake-headed wand that Bergamian Galen extended has become a symbol of healing or treatment in our day. Asklepion, the first hospital in history, is here. In the past, nomadic tribes used to choose a living place by hanging a piece of meat on a branch and deciding whether or not to settle according to the time it takes to rot. The fact that İzmir was chosen as a healing center in the past directs us to think about the importance and natural selection of İzmir city for the treatment of our patients.

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