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About New DioneLife

New DioneLife was established in 2023 with the vision of providing the best healthcare service in İzmir, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey.

As a newly licensed healthcare tourism agency, our mission is to provide our patients with the best treatment in the most qualified hospitals and with the most skilled doctors. We work with the most competent doctors in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, obesity and metabolic surgery, dental treatments, and hair transplantation, and we offer the best treatments with the latest technological facilities.

Thanks to the opportunities brought by globalization in the world, the ease of access to information and research for patients coming to Turkey from abroad, and our country being a suitable destination for medical treatments, New DioneLife is recognized internationally.

New DioneLife takes into account every detail of our patients' needs during their travels to Turkey, their accommodations, and their treatments, and offers suitable packages for each patient.

As the New DioneLife team, we show the same care and attention in the treatment of each patient as we do in providing a comfortable and safe stay for them.

As the New DioneLife team when you arrive in Turkey;

  • You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel in a comfortable, safe and central location with the most comfortable vehicles.
  • During your treatment, you will be transferred between the hotel and the hospital with our comfortable vehicles.
  • You can find the New DioneLife team with you 24/7 whenever you need it during treatment, operation and post-operative processes.

Fly Ticket

After your treatment is planned, your flight tickets are provided according to your request, and the most comfortable and most suitable flight tickets are arranged and your flight, which is the first step of your treatment plan, is ensured to pass comfortably.

Language Translator

All our employees in our agency are fluent in English and German and will be accompanied during your stay in the hospital.

Medical Health Packages

We have many different medical health packages, you can be treated when you want from the hospitals we have contracted and you can stay at the contracted hotels when you want.

Post-Treatment Follow-up

After your treatment is finished and you return to your country, the follow-ups required by the treatment you have received are made and this period may last for one year.

VIP Transfer

After your treatment is finished and you return to your country, the follow-ups required by the treatment you have received are made and this period may last for one year.

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance must be made within 7 days of your arrival in Turkey. This prevents you from paying money again due to complications that may occur during and after treatment. Thus, all your treatment costs are covered by us.

Trip Plans

We make travel plans for your treatment according to your desire, we plan together for this.

Hotel Accommodation

The only change in our alternative packages we have prepared for the same treatment package will be the hotel. We believe that one of our different hotel concepts that will make you happy according to your preference and will make you happy.

Call Support

Our 24/7 call center is ready to answer your questions. Your questions about your treatment plan at any time of the day will be answered by our call center as soon as possible

WhatsApp Consultant Service

As with call support, our 24/7 WhatsApp support is at your service.

Free Medical Consultation

Although all the medical information you want to know in your treatment plan is provided by our call center, you can get free medical advice from your doctor about the treatment according to your request.

Secure Medical Record Transfer

Your treatment in our country and our medical records afterwards are given to you if you want to return to your country, or they are forwarded to your doctor in your country.

Patient Agreement / Agreement Form

During your treatments in the hospital, your doctor will have you sign the consent form, that is, the permission form, and you will be informed about the treatments to be done beforehand. One of these forms will also be taken by us.

Serve society by improving quality of life through better health. We have established protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care. Contact Us For More Information

Meet Our Doctors

Our management and support staff all have exceptional people skills and will assist you with all your medical questions.

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