Why Izmir?

Why Izmir?

As medicine, which is a science of life, takes its source from where life begins, it is natural for it to be written like this. Later, this phrase started to be used as a kind of praise for the beautiful healthcare services that were offered.

İzmir has been the center of health from past to present. So much so that the staff with a snake-headed wand that Bergamian Galen extended has become a symbol of healing or treatment in our day. Asklepion, the first hospital in history, is here. In the past, nomadic tribes used to choose a living place by hanging a piece of meat on a branch and deciding whether or not to settle according to the time it takes to rot. The fact that İzmir was chosen as a healing center in the past directs us to think about the importance and natural selection of İzmir city for the treatment of our patients.

Indeed, İzmir is a province that deserves the title of a health center with its temperate climate, healing waters, hot springs, medicinal herbs, seafood, and nature. It is a city preferred by those who want to take care of their health and lead a more calm and relaxed life away from stress. In addition, many pilot health applications in Turkey were first initiated in İzmir, which has brought a leadership quality to İzmir in the field of health. İzmir has advanced to an advanced position in surgical sciences, one of the most important areas where health meets technology today. Our universities and training hospitals have become leading centers for the world that apply robotic surgery.

In addition to being a city that offers top-level treatment services with its universities, public and private hospitals, İzmir is one of the few cities in Turkey that is easy to access, has a nature that relaxes and soothes people, and preserves its unique natural and historical aura. Therefore, it is increasingly becoming a city demanded by those who want to take care of their health.

In medical education, there is always a saying; "There is no disease, there is only a patient." Due to its cosmopolitan structure that includes different cultures, İzmir is a city where people with a highly developed perception of diversity live. This has also affected the healthcare services in İzmir and ensured that communication with patients is at the highest level.

The culture of valuing people, joy, healthy eating, walking, and calmness that spreads throughout the Aegean Region is a way of life, and it is one of the most important factors for İzmir to be preferred for receiving healthcare services, accommodation, and also for vacationing. This is why İzmir is called "The Pearl of the Aegean". Everyone who completes their treatment and leaves wants to come to İzmir for vacation, which has plenty of oxygen, sunshine, sea, calmness, and high energy.

We are waiting for you to come to İzmir, one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey, for both vacation and to preserve your health, and to have your treatments done perfectly.